Note :

Minimum 2 days of rental will be charged. Full Rent + Minimum Security is to be paid in advance. Minimum-security deposit scheme can be availed by submitting any original government ID except Aadhar.

Rental EquipmentRental Per DayMin. Security per unit (With Photo ID)Full Security per unit (Without Photo ID)
First 4 days
Next 6 days
Next 10 days
GoPro Hero 4 Black Basic Bundle
(1 Head/Chest Mount + 2 batteries + 64 GB 4K Card)
GoPro Hero 5 Black Basic Bundle
(1 Head/Chest Mount + 2 batteries + 64 GB 4K Card)
2-Accessory Pack (Choose any 2 Advance access. + 1 Extra Battery)908070As Per ActualsAs Per Actuals
3-Accessory Pack (Choose any 3 Advance access. + 1 Extra Battery)130120100As Per ActualsAs Per Actuals


Joby Suction Cup with GorillaPod Arm10050306003100
Cisno Wrist Mount9040255002800
GoPole Bobber10050307003300
GoPro Chesty100503010004800
GoPro Head Mount8040255002500
GoPro Suction Cup120704011005600
GoPro Smart Remote130805010007500
Handlebar/Seat-post Mount10050307003500
Joby Clamp & Gorilla Arm8040255002150
Joby GorillaPod Tripod10050306003200
Buckle Mount302010100400
J-Hook Mount302010100500
Amazon Selfie Stick for GoPro8030254002100
Opteka Hand Stabilizer8030255002800
GoPro Hero 5 Dual Battery Charger120704010005900
Sandisk 128 GB Extreme150805016008800


PolarPro Hero 5 Super Suit Aqua Filter 3-Pack150805010005000
PolarPro Hero 5 Venture Filter 3-Pack150805010005000
GoPro Hero 5 Super Suit Housing1801007020007800
GoPro Hero 5 The Frame150805010004500
GoPro Hero 4 Standard Housing150805012005000
GoPro Hero 4 Blackout Housing150805012005000
GoPro Hero 4 Camouflage Housing150805012005500
PCB 3rd Person POV Camera Mount for GoPro1509050200010000
Polar Pro Power Pole (Battery-integrated Selfie)130704016008000
360 PAN Swivel Mount150805010005000
Octomask for GoPro150905015007500
GoPro Karma Grip450300200600026000
GoPro Seeker Bag30015090300015000
GoPro 3-Way Mount150805015007500
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