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This picture shows how to control 3 rotation modes of GoPro 360-degree pan mount along with speed button.
GoPro 360-degree pan swivel mount for making rotating timelapses with GoPro.

Blackbolt 360 PAN Swivel Mount on Rent

150 Per Day (First 4 Days)

First person shooting can be repetitive with your GoPro, & a time-lapse creates perfect footage for sceneries. This GoPro 360 Pan Mount is to create stunning 360-degree moving time-lapses.

There are 3-speed modes of rotation to give you the perfect pan of your choice, & on top of that, you can choose your own degree of rotation. It can also be mounted on your tripod.

We bring GoPro accessory, 360-degree Pan Mount for rent in Delhi.

Rental EquipmentRental/DayMin. Security per unit (With Photo ID)Full Security per unit (w/o Photo ID)
First 4 days(1-4)Next 6 days(5-10)Next 10 days(11-20)
360 PAN Swivel Mount150805010005000


Dimensions –

3.9 x 3.7 x 3.7 inches

Weight –

204 gram

Colour –


Battery –

USB Chargeable Li-ion battery

Waterproof –


Recommended Uses –

Breath-taking moving time-lapses, Rotating Landscape Shots

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