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Close-up view of GoPro-the Strap, a wrist mount for GoPro action camera.

Cisno Wrist Mount for GoPro on Rent

90 Per Day (First 4 Days)

This GoPro Wrist Mount from Cisno provides a solid wrist grip for your action camera, allowing you to take the video from every direction. With GoPro Wrist Mount, you can wear your GoPro like a watch, & capture videos on the fly. This GoPro wrist mount is a highly versatile accessory, leaving your both hands free while providing immersive angles for trekking, skiing, skydiving, & rafting among many others.

We bring the GoPro Wrist Mount for rent in Delhi.

Rental EquipmentRental/DayMin. Security per unit (With Photo ID)Full Security per unit (w/o Photo ID)
First 4 days(1-4)Next 6 days(5-10)Next 10 days(11-20)
Cisno Wrist Mount9040255002800


Size –

One size fits all

Weight –

38 grams

Colour –


Waterproof –

Yes (Water-resistant)

Recommended Uses –

Paragliding, Surfing, Snorkelling, Waterpark activities, Sky diving, Rock climbing, Rafting, Skiing.

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