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Polar Pro Hero 5 Super Suit Aqua Filters 3-pack, a high quality underwater filter for GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition.
GoPro underwater footage, with and without Polar Pro filter.

PolarPro Hero 5 Super Suit- Aqua Filter 3-Pack on Rent

150 Per Day (First 4 Days)

Polar Pro, a popular filter brand among cinematographers, brings 3 clear-lens filters to capture vibrant underwater colors.

The set includes GoPro Hero 5 Snorkel Filter, & GoPro Hero 5 Diving Filters for both blue & green waters. Polar Pro aqua filters’ proprietary color formulas result in flawless tropical videos.

We bring GoPro accessory, PolarPro Hero 5 Super Suit Aqua Filters for rent in Delhi.

Rental EquipmentRental/DayMin. Security per unit (With Photo ID)Full Security per unit (w/o Photo ID)
First 4 days(1-4)Next 6 days(5-10)Next 10 days(11-20)
PolarPro Hero 5 Super Suit
Aqua Filter 3
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