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Polar Pro ND8 filter fitted on a GoPro Hero 5 Black.
Effect of Polar Pro Polarizer Filter, made for GoPro Hero 5 Black, on capturing scenery.

PolarPro Hero 5 – Venture Filter 3-Pack on Rent

150 Per Day (First 4 Days)

Polar Pro, a popular filter brand among cinematographers, brings 3 clear-lens filters to capture breath-taking videos. GoPro Polarizer filter is perfect for reducing glare and increasing color saturation to make your content pop.

GoPro neutral density reduces the native high shutter speed of the Hero5 by 3 f-stops, giving your videos cinematic look and smoother composition. The Graduated ND8, the third filter, is used for capturing stunning sunsets or sunrises.

We bring GoPro accessory, PolarPro Hero 5 Super Suit Venture filter for rent in Delhi.

Rental EquipmentRental/DayMin. Security per unit (With Photo ID)Full Security per unit (w/o Photo ID)
First 4 days(1-4)Next 6 days(5-10)Next 10 days(11-20)
PolarPro Hero 5 Venture
Filter 3
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